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While creating several web pages, I’ve been fortunate enough to be allowed to create my client’s company logos as well.  Lush Palate has been very exciting to create, since they are also writing a cookbook.

I have been asked to do the page layout and book design for them as well.  A very long process, challenging and VERY fun.  Visit their website to get more information on their upcoming book.  Part of the fun in creating web design for Lush Palate is watching the whole process.  I’ve also needed to create a blog for their Consultants who are testing every recipe and need to relay information between the Consultants and the Chef’s to be able to edit recipe’s quickly.  It’s turned out to work very well for everyone involved.

Each client listed here, came to me as they were starting their companies. As I was designing their web pages I became inspired with ideas for their companies. As I was designing their web pages I became inspired with ideas for their logos.  In each case my client’s loved their logos and each have been sent for trademark.

A client of mine who is not only a Tax Consultant, but also invests in Real Estate and other products and services, wanted to establish a parent company for all of his business ventures.  The logo I developed is contemporary, urban and unique.  It will mesh very well with each of his ventures.

Another client who sells imported clothes and accessories wanted a trendy design that conveyed fashion, but was not limited to clothes.  Vector graphics are very popular right now and definitely fall on the trendy side.  Because trends change, this logo also allows us to use the name separately, retaining it’s fonts, and replace the background graphics as trends change, yet maintain her trademarked look.

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Logo Design

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